Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Friends Husband Wears Panties

My friends husband wears panties and I have seen him in panties a few times although he does not know I have seen him in panties. I have stayed over on the couch a few times while out with my friend his wife, and have seen him late at night walking down the hall back to the bedroom only in panties. I have had so many fantasies about what they are doing together while he is wearing panties. My friend has never mentioned that her husband wears panties, so I don't think either one of them knows I know he wears panties.

Guys Wearing Panties Turn Me On

Oh yes I am a woman who gets so turned on seeing guys wearing panties. I had a friend with benefits  and he wore panties and it was such a turn on seeing him in panties. Loved how he would press against the front of the panties, loved feeling him through his panties. He would come up behind me and press himself against my backside and I would feel him through the panties on my backside and it felt amazing. Sadly he moved to far away for us to enjoy getting together anymore. I am so happy to hear about so many other women who

Men Wearing Panties

Nice to see so many other women that like guys wearing panties. My husband wears panties and I love seeing him wearing panties. A bit jealous as I think he has more panties than me, to bad we are different sizes otherwise I would be borrowing some of his panties. There is just something about seeing him in panties that gets me so excited, I think men should be able to wear what makes them feel good, what makes them look good and panties certainly make my husband feel good and look good, and seeing my husband wearing panties makes me feel good.

Had A Few Boyfriends Wear Panties

I have had a few boyfriends that wore panties and it was very much a turn on and fun. I used to bring home new panties for them and it was so exciting seeing them slipping panties on and how excited they got. It was always fun talking about panties, what panties we liked to see on each other. I think guys wearing panties are very cool. If your a woman and you find out your man wears panties just relax, don't freak out, just find out why he wears panties and you will see its really no big deal and certainly nothing that is going to ruin your relationship.

I Like Men Wearing Panties

I am a woman in her 20's and I like guys wearing panties. I find guys in panties to be a turn on, and I find guys wearing panties to be more fun. I think guys wearing panties are very cool and find they are more comfortable with themselves and they are just real with themselves no fake macho bs. My friend is dating a guy wearing panties and I have to say I am very jealous of her, he is the most amazing guy, just a cool down to earth guy and seems so happy. I have caught a glimpse of his panties a few times and found it to be such a turn on. My friend does not talk about him wearing panties to often as its just something natural and normal for her and really no big deal to her. I try my best to avoid being to noisy about it, but my mind is filled with all sorts of questions for her, most a bit to personal I am sure.

Husband Wearing Panties

My husband wears panties and its nice seeing other wifes who like men wearing panties. I really enjoy seeing my husband wearing panties and also I like seeing other men wearing panties. I don't think my husband is aware that I like looking at pics of men wearing panties, I know he is apart of that community and he has been going to that community for a long time but we have not visited it together. Its just a turn on seeing other men wearing panties, but I am not sure how my husband would feel about me looking at pics of men wearing panties. I do enjoy seeing my husband wearing panties, but sometimes its nice to see pics of men wearing panties. I guess I do not know how to bring it up to him that I like seeing pictures of men wearing panties. Us women can certainly be turned on looking at pictures also, just like you guys are, and just like many men don't want to the wife to know they are sitting at the computer looking at pictures of other women, I guess I don't want my husband to know I like looking at pictures of men wearing panties because I do not want to make him jealous, or hurt his feelings.

Caught Brothers Friend Wearing Panties

A while back I caught my brothers friend wearing panties. He lives with my brother and I went over to my brothers place during the day to grab something, the door is usually unlocked so I just walked in and there was my brothers friend on the couch wearing bright blue bikini style panties. Both of our jaws dropped and we just froze. I said sorry and he could not say anything. I just walked into the kitchen and grabbed what I needed and left. I never did say anything to my brother or his friend but I have to say seeing him laying on the couch wearing panties thinking back I get turned on about it. I started to search for pics of men wearing panties and once again found myself turned on seeing men wearing panties. I have never been interested in my brothers friend but seeing him in panties was such a turn on I would not mind seeing him model some panties for me. Never knew much about men wearing panties, or seen a guy wearing panties before I caught my brothers friend wearing panties, now I know all about men wearing panties as I have read so many stories from guys wearing panties, so many experiences from guys wearing panties and have seen lots of pics of guys wearing panties. I am just to shy to ask my brothers friend to model some panties for me and I am sure he is to shy also, we just smile when we see each other, we never really talked before I caught him wearing panties and same now, we really don't talk which is normal for us and makes it harder to ask him to model panties for me. Its great to hear from other women into men wearing panties and know I am not the only woman who likes men wearing panties. Never knew I was into guys wearing panties until I walked in on my brothers friend in panties, and I know if more women saw guys wearing panties there would be more women like me that like seeing guys wearing panties.

I like Guys In Panties

I find guys in panties to be a turn on, love how they look in cute panties and bright colored panties like pink, purple, reds, yellows, etc. Just something about bright colored panties on a guy that gets me so worked up and turned on. Those tiny cute panties against a toned body is such a turn on. I have had a few boyfriends who wore panties and its such a turn on, I don't specially go looking to date guys wearing panties or put looking for guys wearing panties in my personal ad but I do enjoy being with a guy wearing panties and hope to find more guys into wearing panties.

Boyfriend Wearing Panties

My boyfriend wears panties and I like that my boyfriend wears panties. He wears thongs, bikini panties, string bikini panties and I love how he looks in all types of panties. We have so much fun panty shopping and so much fun in panties together. I do find that I am more turned on seeing him in panties than I ever was seeing him in mens underwear. Its a turn on to see him crawl out of bed and walk to the bathroom in his cute panties, and a turn on to crawl into bed and lift the covers and see his cute panties under the covers and lay next to him both in our cute panties. Its really no big deal that my boyfriend wears panties, and I hope other women give there boyfriend a chance to explain why they wear panties as you will find its really no big deal and something you can both enjoy together. I know its brought me and my boyfriend much closer together and we communicate much better because we know we can tell each other anything, we can tell each other what we like and not have to worry.

Girls Who Like Men Wearing Panties

So are there really girls who like guys wearing panties, yes there really are women who like men wearing panties. However it can be very difficult to tell which women are into men wearing panties, which girls are into men wearing panties because there is no specific type of women into men wearing panties, no specific type of girls into guy wearing panties. Any women can be into guys wearing panties, any girl can be into men wearing panties, you just never know what type of woman will be into men wearing panties, or what type of girl will into guys wearing panties. There is really no certain type of woman into men wearing panties versus other types of women, no certain age woman into men wearing panties over other age women, no certain place women are more into men wearing panties than other places. Finding a woman into men wearing panties takes a bit of luck and also courage to let her know you wear panties. Your probably not going to come across an ad in the paper, online, etc from a woman saying I am looking for men wearing panties, I am looking for guys wearing panties, is finding such an ad impossible, well no, but rare. How you find a woman into men wearing panties, girls into men wearing panties is by finding a woman you can communicate with, whom you can tell that you like wearing panties and for many men wearing panties they have had lots of success and telling a woman they wear panties and being able to now enjoy wearing panties in front of a woman, wearing panties with a woman, etc.

Husband Wears Panties

My husband wears panties and wearing panties has not changed who he is. I found out my husband wears panties while we were dating and at first I had questions about why he wore panties but after he told me about why he liked wearing panties it made perfect sense to me why my husband wears panties. I do enjoy seeing my husband wearing panties, and we enjoy lounging around in panties together during the summer both indoors and out on the back porch. My advice to other girlfriends or wives is to just listen to why your husband wears panties or why your boyfriend wears panties first before you make your mind up whether you are ok with husband wearing panties, boyfriend wearing panties.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lots Of Women Like Men Wearing Panties

 I am a women who likes men wearing panties. I feel bad for men because they have such few choices in underwear, however for those men who wear womans panties I am a women who appreciates that you have chosen to wear panties and yes there are many other women like me who like men wearing panties. Mens underwear is boring, its does not come in many styles, fabrics or colors and they just do not do anything to show off a mans body. Womens panties have always been designed to be sexy in the styles, colors and fabrics.  I know why men like wearing panties, panties feel so good against your body and men look so hot wearing panties, a nice butt in tight panties and lets not forget about the front and your hard dick pressing against the fabric. I know I am not the only woman who appreciates a guy in panties, don’t worry guys there are lots more woman like me out there who appreciate a guy wearing panties and understand why you wear panties. I have met many other woman who like men wearing panties and many couples wearing panties together. Its always nice to see other couples wearing panties and enjoying the pleasure panties bring to both men and women, always reminds me of the fun me and my boyfriend have. You would be surprised at the amount of women who get very curious when you start talking to them about men wearing panties, maybe its because its coming from another female and they hear me expressing how much it turns me on and they want to experience that also. Many women tend to keep things that turn them on to themselves, why some women do this I do not know, so it can be hard to tell whether a women will be into men wearing panties or not. But as mentioned many of the women I have talked to about men wearing panties have shown that they would enjoy seeing there husband wearing panties or there boyfriend wearing panties. Many guys wearing panties might just be with a women who would enjoy seeing you wearing panties, however I totally understand it can be hard to bring up that you enjoy wearing panties without knowing for sure if your wife or girlfriend will be into you wearing panties. A great community my boyfriend introduced me to is its a great community for men wearing panties and a place me and my boyfriend enjoy hanging out at, we love seeing others in panties, chatting, reading stories and responding to others who have questions. We have made lots of friends there and I know we have helped others tell there wife or girlfriend that they enjoy wearing panties. Many other couples wearing panties visit that community and for those men who want to tell there wife or girlfriend they wear panties its a great place to get advice from others who have told there wife or girlfriend, others who are in the same situation wanting to tell there wife or girlfriend they wear panties and from couples who enjoy wearing panties. My boyfriend and I love having a place to visit and be around friends into the same thing, be sure to check out that community you will love it. Just want to let you guys wearing panties know there are women who like men wearing panties out there.

Guys Look Hot In Panties

I was dating a guy that liked wearing panties, at first I did not know what to think, but as time went by I got very comfortable with it and I wanted him to wear panties all the time. I just think panties are natural for a guy to be curious about and most guys are curious to some degree about our panties at some point in there life. A guy wearing panties is no big deal to me, you have to remember to look at who you are with instead of jumping to conclusions. I thought my boyfriend looked hot in panties and wearing panties did not change who he was so why make a big deal out of a piece of clothing.

Seeing Boyfriend In Panties

I enjoy seeing my boyfriend in panties, he is to embarrassed to buy them on his own so we often go shopping together, even then he is red in the face. I love picking out the panties for him as I know just the kind he likes pressing against his balls and shaft. I love rubbing him through the soft panty material and making it grow to a hardness he never reaches without the panties. Then I will rub him through the silky panty material until he is about to explode and I will then pull back the waist band and take him in my mouth and gulp up all her juices or have him squirt it all over my face.

Love Seeing Husband Wearing Panties

I love to see my husband in panties. He asked me one night a few years ago if he could put my panties on. I said sure I guess. He did and oh my he was hard as a rock in no time and he looked so hot with the panties clinging to his nice butt and his rock hard dick pressing against the fabric with his head poking out the top.

A Woman Who Likes Men Wearing Panties

Men who wear panties are extremely sexy and hot. It is a total turn on. Any ladies who dont like their man in panties, bring em over to me, because I love it!

Love Seeing A Guy Wearing Panties

I absolutely love to see a guy in panties. It has been a turn on for me for many years. I like to have my boyfriend wear panties. I like it when he walks in the room and shows me his panties and then walks back and fourth teasing me in his panties, it gets me so hot he usually does not walk back and fourth long as I am pushing him onto the bed and jumping on top of him and pulling his panties to the side as well as my panties and riding him while we are both wearing panties.

Like A Guy Wearing Panties

A girlfriend came up to me and said she caught her boyfriend wearing her panties and asked me what she should do. I told her to enjoy it. She looked at me sort of weird and said enjoy it. I said yes, I told her that several of my boyfriends had worn panties and it was really no big deal, guys like panties whether its on us, on the floor, in the hamper or on them, panties are very erotic to them. I mean us woman have to know how much our panties turn on a guy, I mean come on woman we all know guys like our panties in many different ways, sniffing them, licking them, seeing us in them, jerking with them, and yes wearing them. I told her its really no big deal, its just panties and I told her to have an open mind and ask her boyfriend about why he enjoys wearing them. She was relieved to know that several of my boyfriends has worn panties and she had no idea how many guys enjoy it. Some woman are just so clueless about what turns a guy on and what a guy is into, I sort of feel sorry for you guys out there with clueless woman who don't care or understand what things you might be into. We are all into different things, its what makes us interesting. I loved that several of my boyfriends were into panties and I hope that they are still enjoying panties with whomever they are with now, hopefully while wearing a pair of panties I gave him of mine or bought him. I would love to watch one of my past boyfriends in panties having sex with his girlfriend while he is in panties, even better a pair that I gave him. How erotic that would be.

Husband Looks Great In Panties

I enjoy going panty shopping with my husband and picking out new panties for him to wear. I have even told the sales clerks they are for him, there eyes usually light up when they see him as he is a good looking guy in shape. I hope they are imagining him in his new panties.

Love Panty Play With Husband

I hope that other couples realize just how fun wearing panties together can be. I have always enjoyed the feeling of silky, lacy or satin panties against my body so it was obvious that panties would feel probably even better against my husbands body. I was actually the one to get him into wearing panties, started with just panty handjobs and caressing him with my panties which drove him crazy, then dry humping him while wearing panties and doing some panty facesitting. Then I slipped them up his legs one night as he was laying down getting ready for me to tease him with my panties. He was so ready to have me tease him with my panties like I usually did he did not realize I was slipping them on him until they were half way up. Once all the way on, he just twitched and squirmed, I love watching him wiggle around in my panties. I made him explode in them in no time and he was ready to go again in record time. Panties are a great way to spice things up and I hope other couples realize this. Lots of men enjoy wearing panties and who knows your husband or boyfriend might just be wearing panties, why not go and enjoy wearing together, your husband or boyfriend will thank you for the rest of your life for being able to enjoy panties with you.

Like How Men Look In Panties

My husband looks so good in panties, mens underwear is so boring I can totally see why so many guys choose to wear panties. Us woman have such a selection of styles, colors, and fabrics which are made to make us feel so good, its not hard to imagine how good it must make men feel to wear panties.

Couple Into Wearing Panties Together

My boyfriend enjoys wearing panties, he likes all types of panties, thong, bikini, boyshort, hi cut panties, brief panties or full back panties, and all types of material nylon, lace, satin, silky, cotton and microfiber. I enjoy seeing him in panties and it always makes me so horny to see him walking across the room and his bulge in a pair of sexy panties. Panty play or panty sex is always apart of our sex life. We have talked with other couples wearing panties and it does seem that more couples are into wearing panties together. Its such a erotic thing to do, guys love panties and most woman know this so whats so wrong if they slip them on, they love how they feel on and I love how they feel on him also. Nothing like making my boyfriend cum in panties. I hope other woman realize that if they find out our catch there husband wearing panties that they do not react but open up there mind and embrace it they will be so happy they did.

Wearing Panties Together

My husband has worn panties ever since he was about 12 and we have been together since he was 20 he is now 42. I knew right away my husband wore panties and it never bothered me. He has always been honest and open and within the first month of dating he was parading around in front of me in sexy panties. I loved it, seeing that silky thin fabric pressed against his butt and his bulge poking at the silky thin material made me so horny. I loved how excited he got we he wore them and I loved doing things to him while he wore them, foreplay while both wearing panties is amazing, the two fabrics rubbing together and caressing each other in panties feels so good. We often go panty shopping together and we have so much fun, panty shopping with my husband usually ends up with us getting home and running inside to slip into our new panties. More couples should wear panties together its so erotic to both wear panties.

Like Boyfriend In Panties

It is a turn on to see my boyfriend wearing panties. I love seeing him in thongs he has such a great butt and mens thongs just do not look the same on him as womans thongs. I love how a womans thong looks on my boyfriend how the fabric conforms to his curves much the way it does us woman. Its shows off all his curves and yes his bulges as well. He also enjoys wearing bikini style and has a few boyshorts as well but mainly enjoys thongs. Nice to see other open mined woman like myself who enjoy men wearing panties. Woman don't knock it until you give it a try with your man.

Love Seeing A Man Wearing Panties

I love seeing a man wearing panties. Seeing a guy wearing panties gets me so horny and wet, my current boyfriend wears panties, he never wore panties before he met me but that changed when he met me. I asked him one night to put on my panties, he put the panties on and he got so hard, he was a bit embarrassed because he came so quick that night after I rubbed the front of his panties he came inside them quickly,  but after I cleaned up all his creamy treat out of his panties with my tongue I continued to rub him through the panties and  moments later he was hard again. He was amazed that he got hard again so quick, I loved how he was so easily pleasured while wearing panties. That night we went on to have sex in just about every position you could think of, all while he was wearing panties, he loved how I would grab his panty covered butt and pull him closer to me and thrust deeper inside me. For a while after that he only wore panties when we would have sex but then he said he liked them so much he wanted to wear them all the time. He even asked me if it was ok, and I laughed and said I was the one who got you into panties of course its ok.

Woman Who Likes Men Wearing Panties

Hi I'm 26 year old woman who loves panties on men. First time I seen a guy wearing panties was back when I was about 20 and from then on I have been into men wearing panties. Have only had a few boyfriends who wore panties and knew they wore panties when we met as I was specifically looking for men wearing panties. I guess I feel what some of you guys are going through as I am on the opposite of that, I like men wearing panties but when I find a guy its hard to tell him that I want to see him wearing panties and wonder if he will be into it or not. I try and find guys who are into panties so that I do not have to wonder about whether this guy or that guy will be into wearing panties. Its to bad there is not a better way for you guys to find women who are into men wearing panties. Over the years I have been on many sites for men wearing panties and found some that were ok and others that were terrible sites, the few that I found to be ok most are not around anymore, one that I thought was going to be a great one turned out to be run by someone who is so rude, and kicks you off the site if you do not keep active on the site, what a joke to kick someone off a community for men wearing panties, especially a female who is into men wearing panties. Luckily I moved on from that site and found its turned out to be my greatest find, its such a great community and I love all the men there. I have since met a boyfriend into wearing panties, and yes I did find him on that site. We do continue to visit often and have met so many friends there. If your into wearing panties and looking for a great community for men wearing panties defiantly check out Not sure if there are other single females on the site looking for men wearing panties as I might be a rare breed, but I do know there are other couples on there into wearing panties. Guys don't give up hope there are women like me out there who do enjoy men wearing panties.

Thinking About Men Wearing Panties Turns Me On

I would love it if my boyfriend told me he wanted to wear my panties. It would turn me on so much. I'd be happy knowing that he was doing something he enjoyed, and if it made him horny, all the better for me! I have a few friends who have boyfriends or husbands that wear panties. They have told me details about how much they enjoy seeing him in panties and the things they do while wearing panties, it really turns me on and makes me wish my boyfriend was into wearing panties so I could do naughty things with him while we wear panties. Maybe someday I will get him to wear my panties or find a panty man to explore curiosity about men wearing panties with.

Me Wearing Panties Turns Her On

One morning we were fooling around before we got out of bed. Once we were out of bed, I picked up her pink thong held it in front of my groin and danced around, we were just horsing around. She then said" well if you like them so much, I dare you to wear them all day!", so I did. I had a hard on all day long. A couple of weeks later, I thought I'd try them again, without her knowing, again hard on all day. A couple of weeks later, we were drinking some wine, ok a lot of wine. One thing lead to another and she said that me wearing her panties really turned her on. We had the best panty sex that night with both of us wearing panties. Since then she is always asking me to put on panties, she gets so horny when she knows I am wearing panties.

Turn On Seeing A Guy Wearing Panties

My boyfriend sometimes wears panties, he wears panties he has bought or we bought while shopping together, my panties are too small for him. I absolutely love seeing him in his panties, definitely a huge turn on seeing a guy wearing panties.

Couple Likes Panty Sex

My wife likes the way my dick looks in sheer satin panties, especially when they get all wet from sucking on me through the panties, and the same with her panties when i'm licking her until she orgasms. Seeing a wet spot on panties excites both me and my wife, she loves it when I have a wet spot on the panties I am wearing and I love it when you can see a wet spot on her panties. Panty sex is so fun, so many ways to pleasure yourself in panties or to have your wife or girlfriend pleasure you when you are wearing panties.

Both Wearing Panties

My boyfriend loves to wear panties, it makes his dick so rock hard. I used to let him wear mine, but his dick was stretching them out of shape, so now i buy him his own. I love seeing a bulge in panties and we often visit that community together, I love seeing all the men wearing panties and we have the best sex after we have been on there looking at pics and reading stories from men wearing panties. We have met other couples wearing panties together there and its been fun to talk with them and other men wearing panties. My advice to other women is to relax and let your man wear panties, at least give it a try its the least you can do for someone you love. I am totally turned on by seeing men in different panties, have gotten some great ideas for what will look good on my boyfriend from seeing pictures of other men in panties. Mens underwear is just so boring, ladies if your man does not wear panties already go and buy him a pair and put them on him, he will totally be surprised and he will love it.

Love Seeing Men Wearing Panties

I am a women who appreciates a man wearing panties. I appreciate that he wants to wear something to turn me on. Us women are usually the only ones wearing anything sexy, so to me when a man wants to wear something sexy to turn me on, I am totally for that. And mens clothing, underwear is not very sexy, they just don't make mens lingerie or sexy underwear so I totally understand why guys wear panties, they feel much better, the fabrics they are made out of are very stimulating and they look so hot on a guy. More women should realize that when us women wear sexy panties or lingerie it makes us feel sexy and turns us on, so the same goes for me it makes them feel sexy and turns them on. More women need to relax and realize this and be more appreciative to there men who wear panties and want to turn there wives or girlfriends on. I know for me when I see a guy wearing panties it gets me so horny and wet.

Panties Are Meant To Turn Each Other On

My wife and I dress up for sex, or should I say she dresses me up! She enjoys picking out new panties for me to wear, she loves seeing me in pink nylon panties or black lace panties. Since I have been wearing panties during sex our relationship has been much more fun, panties have certainly brought us lots of pleasure and fun but has also brought us closer together. Women who find out there man likes wearing panties should take a deep breath and let him talk and explain, and instead of react first, take a look at him, does he look good in panties. Its clothing thats meant to stimulate each other and turn each other on. And whether it be a man wearing panties or a women wearing panties, they are meant to create sexual feelings and turn each other on.

I Love Men In Panties

I find men in panties totally hot, have been with a few boyfriends who wore panties and a few that I got into wearing panties. Love shopping for panties with a guy and seeing him get turned on as we are shopping. Girls you need to realize guys love panties, embrace that and have fun with it.

Panties Have Brought A New Spark To Our Relationship

My wife enjoys that I wear panties. My wife will leave me matching panties when she leaves for work. She loves to call me and ask if I am wearing the panties she left out. Panties have brought a new spark to our relationship. More women should realize men wearing panties is not going to effect your relationship in a bad way, its going to effect it in a positive way. Panties are clothing they do not change the man you are with.

Girlfriend Surprised Me With Panties

I have had a panty fetish for many years. I think it started even before this experience but this one event really helped it take shape. When I was about 20, I had a really hot and wild girlfriend. She was game for just about anything. She worked at a department store and liked to shop. One night she invited me over and said she had a surprise for me. When I arrived she suggested we take a bath together which sounded great to me, until she produced an electric hair trimmer and a razor. Before we got into the bath, she proceeded to trim her own and then all of my pubic hair. I was as hot as I could be by the time she was done. But she was not finished with the surprises that night. When we were dried off, she produced matching sets of panties. The were purple satin bikini style. She dressed herself then watched as I pulled on the panties. We played with each other for hours. Mostly orally. We both just pulled each others panties to the side and did oral on each other in 69 position, was so hot having her panties pulled to the side and in my face. By the next morning, I had enjoyed every kind of sex with her all while both of us were wearing panties. We both lost track of  how many orgasms we had. I still think of that night and jerk off to the memory. The feeling of satin does it to me every time.

Seeing Him Wearing Panties

My husband loves to wear satin panties, he says it feels so good against his dick. I love rubbing him through satin panties and love seeing the outline of his dick stretching against satin panties. Making him explode inside satin panties is my favorite.

Telling Her I Wear Panties

I am married to a wonderful woman. When we first got together I didn't tell her that I wear panties at first because I thought she would freak out. One day she told me that she knew something was bothering me and asked me to be completely honest with her. Well, I went ahead and told her that I enjoy wearing panties and waited for the explosion. Instead, she got this look on her face and jumped onto of me and unzipped my pants and put her hand down my pants to feel my panties, I got hard so fast and she just smiled and continued to rub me through the panties. We had the best sex ever that day and our relationship grew so much stronger.

Excites Me That Panties Excite Him

My boyfriend likes to wear girls panties during sex and sometimes he also masturbates while wearing my panties. I have no problem with it as its something that really gets him excited and I have to say it excites me also to see him pleasuring himself in panties and also seeing him wearing them while he is pleasuring me.

Turned On Seeing Boyfriend Wearing Panties

My boyfriend wears panties. Turns me on so much to see him wearing panties. I come home all the time with new panties for him.

Telling Wife I Like Wearing Panties

I was in fear for many years of getting caught and how my wife would react! Finally got up the courage to tell her thanks to the advice from many other men wearing panties at that community Being as nervous as I was I also had confidence knowing so many other men were successful in telling there wife or girlfriend they enjoyed wearing panties. My wife was very understanding and after a long conversation it was really no big deal to her that I wore panties. My wife washes my panties and folds them and puts them in the drawer for me. Sometimes she'll spot a new pair and she'll wear them herself for awhile as we wear the same size. My wife loves when I model a new pair for her. My wife likes the feel, and she likes the way my dick looks in the lacy see through fabric. I like to wear panties and lounge around after work, my wife loves to rub my dick while we watch TV. The fun wearing panties has brought into my life is more than I ever dreamed of.

Husband Wearing Panties Has Brought Us Closer Together

I'll admit that when I was first informed by my husband that he wore panties, I was worried about what kind of a man he really was. But, I have found out that he is a very good man and him wearing panties does not change the man I know and married. It took me a while to get used to the idea of him wearing panties. When I discovered that it was rather exciting and really not at all strange, I came around to his way of thinking. My husband wearing panties has really made a difference in our sex life. I love to come in at the end of the day and find out what panties he's wearing. It's a real turn on for me when I get to run my hand inside his panties and feel of his silky panties. We have a good time when we go shopping together and pick out panties for each other. I know what he likes and he knows what I like. Sometimes we do get some strange looks from the clerks when we are discussing panty styles but its also a turn on. So for all you ladies out there who have a man and if that man has implied that he would like to try wearing panties, give him that opportunity. You might just be surprised at what it would do for you.

Couple In Panties

My wife and I panty shop together all the time, it get us really hot. The best part is the trying on panties, seeing each other in sexy panties is a real turn on for us, sometimes we cannot wait until we get home to model our panties for each other so we slip into the dressing room for some panty fun. More couples should be enjoying the pleasure that panties bring, it has really brought me and my wife closer together and made things much more fun.

Telling Wife I Wear Panties

I have been with my wife for 10 years and we are heading into 8 years of being married. I took me about four years of us being together to tell her that I loved using her panties. I was so afraid of what she was going to say. She used to joke about me using her panties, thinking that if I used her panties I would think of her. She was totally right, using her panties I always thought of her, imagining her in the panties. I can now wear and use her panties anytime and she enjoys watching me using her panties and wearing her panties while we have sex. We even go panty shopping together. It is so much fun.

Like Men Wearing Panties

I'm a genuine woman who loves seeing husband wearing panties. It excites him and therefore I benefit! It's just so exciting and "different". Definitely adds spice to our sex life. I've even bought us some matching panties. Its such a thrill. I like to see him in all different types of panties but I prefer feeling his hardon through satin panties. Just the feel of the satin fabric turns me on so to feel him wearing them, gets me so turned on.

Women Who Lke Men Wearing Panties

I'm extremely lucky as my wife is open minded and she likes seeing me wearing panties. And as a result our sex life is more exciting, and I am a much happier and more relaxed person. I know there are lots of women who like men wearing panties out there are many of us who wear panties out there who have understanding wifes or girlfriends. However if we never tell them we like wearing panties will never know. Once they know the reasons why we enjoy wearing panties they understand, its when we don't communicate with them and tell them why. You have to communicate and let them know why you enjoy wearing panties, ease any concerns they have, then the fun starts and you can relax and enjoy wearing panties together.

Turned On By Men In Panties

I've been with my husband for 6 years, married for 3. He used to ask me to swap panties in bed while we were making love. I never really thought anything of it and then he recently admitted to wanting to wear panties all the time. I wasn't quite sure how to take it but decided to go with the flow, try it out and see what I thought of it. He says they are so much more comfortable than men's and that he feels so much better when he wears women's panties. Also he says they're much sexier than men's panties (and he really has a point there!). I have to admit that I also find it quite a turn on and even get quite a buzz out of going out and buying panties for him. Its been a real boost in our sex life! I know there are more women who are turned on by men wearing panties.

Enjoy Wearing Panties With Wife

I told my wife I like wearing panties about 3 years ago now and we have had nothing but fun. My wife will buy me panties but mostly I buy the panties I want to see her and I in. There are more women who like guys wearing panties than one realizes, but if you never tell them you will never know if they are into you wearing panties or not. Being able to wear panties with my wife is an amazing thing, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders now that I do not have to hide it and I can enjoy wearing panties with wife.

Lots Of Women Who Like Men Wearing Panties Out There

I came out to my wife about panty wearing a couple of years ago, sort of joked about it and wore hers in bed and pretty soon I came back one day and she had a hell of a grin on her face and told me to go upstairs, and there on my pillow was a gorgeous bright pink pair of  panties! She has been buying them for me since, we sometimes do the wearing matching pairs out. I like to wear a pair when having sex, she knows the sex will be better if we are both in panties. There are lots of women who like men wearing panties out there, however its up to us that wear panties to let them know we enjoy wearing them otherwise we will just wear them by ourselves through life and never experience wearing panties with a women. Had I told my wife in the beginning I would have been able to enjoy wearing panties with her all these years. My advice is to talk with others who have wifes or girlfriends who understand and get advice on how they told their wife or girlfriend they wear panties. Be patient and get advice and think about how you will bring it up, and be prepared for a discussion and to answer all her questions and to ease any worries she has.

Fascination With Panties

I have had a panty fetish my entire life and my wife knew before we were married (30 yrs ago). My panty wearing has never been a source of friction between us. We men wearing panties just find the undies that you girls get to wear just plain arousing and mysterious. I don't think anyone knows the mechanism that causes us to like panties so much, its just something we have a fascination with and it usually starts out while we are growing up.

Fun Wearing Panties Together

My husband and I often wear matching satin panties, and we both love it. It's our little secret when out and about that we are wearing matching satin panties. Its so fun to be walking around and remind each other of the sexy panties we are wearing and what we are going to do when we get home and strip down to only our panties.

Understand Why Men Wear Panties

Women want to understand why your man wears panties. Try wearing a pair of his boring underwear for a week and see if you don't want to go back to panties ASAP. I have worn panties 24 7 for around 10 years it would be painful to have to wear mens underwear again. I wear for the comfort and the sexual aspect (there is just something about womens panties that is so exciting).

Enjoy Seeing Husband Wearing Panties

I  love seeing my husband in panties, especially tight and sheer panties. I love watching him as he gets hard when he is wearing sheer panties. I know there are many women who like men wearing panties out there, for some of us it just takes some getting used to, but once we do get used to seeing you wearing panties we get into you wearing panties so much. Sometimes I think I am more into him wearing panties than he is, I am always asking him what panties he is wearing or is going to be wearing today, and if he wants to go shopping for new panties.

Making Husband Wear Panties

I recently started making my husband wear panties under his regular clothes. I found so many that fit him so nice. I was tired of his boring mens underwear so a friend of mine suggested I buy some panties for him. Did some searching on it and found that many men wear panties, and also they looked really hot wearing panties. I went shopping and replaced all of his mens underwear with panties. At first he was like are you joking with me, you want me to wear womens panties but after I helped him slip into some there was no more questioning wearing panties. He actually really enjoys it and claims they feel so much nicer. I find it to look really hot! It definitely changed our life and our sex life.

Couple Wearing Panties

I came home early one day and caught my husband sprawled out on the bed wearing a pair of panties. I had to admit it shocked me for a few seconds but it also looked so hot. I said nothing to him and walked in and climbed on top of him and slid his panties to the side and rode him until he came inside me. It was so hot to find him laying on the bed in panties. We now play with panties on a regular basis, never thought about involving panties in our sex life until I saw him wearing panties. Panties are a great sexual aide to spice things up.

Seeing Boyfriend Wearing Panties Turns Me On

Seeing my boyfriend wearing panties turns me on. I love seeing him wearing a silky thong, just cannot help but spank him on his butt when I see him in a silky thong.

Lots More Women Who Like Men Wearing Panties Out There

Oh yeah there are lots more of us women who like men wearing panties out there. I think its sexy and erotic when a man wears panties, wearing something so delicate and silky on his hard rugged body its such a turn on. When men wear boxers, or even those novelty undies for guys that are suppose to be sexy it just does not do anything to accent his body or shape. Where as panties cling so nice and tight and fit like a glove on a guy. I love how they outline his hardon and love when they wear brighter colors like pink, light blue or purple, I think those colors just look so hot on a guy. So yeah there are many girls who like guys wearing panties its just hard for many of them to admit it.

Lounging Around In Panties With Wife

Bless my wife for fully accepting my desires to wear panties. I love being able to wear them whenever I want to and not have to hide it. Lounging around in panties with my wife after work is one of my favorite things to do. Often she sends me to the store to buy her panties as she has commented that she likes my taste in panties.

Panties Are A Great Way To Pleasure Your Man

I love how panties get my boyfriend so hard, I have always noticed that guys enjoy the feeling of my panties, they would always caress my butt or my front while I was panties, they enjoyed when I would take them off and tease them with my panties and slide them over there entire body, and they loved when I would stroke them with my panties, giving them a panty handjob. They also loved seeing me caressing my body with my panties, and I have to say it feels so good to caress yourself with a silky pair of panties, love the feeling of panties especially caressing my breasts with them. So seeing how much the men I have been with have been into the feeling of panties, it was obvious to me that they would eventually want to slip on some panties. My panties have brought so much pleasure to the men I have been with and to my boyfriend, probably more than I know of as most have probably played with my panties alone as well. I love how hard a guy gets when he slips on panties and love how you can see his hardon stretching against the material. My favorite is to run the palm of my hand over his hardon from the tip to his balls over the panties, back and fourth and to see a nice wet spot forming at the tip. Its a great way to pleasure your man, many times I have made a guy explode in the panties like this, and thought that the night might be over with, but a few minutes later he was hard again. I knew panties were something that turned guys on and thats why I always pleasured them with my panties, but never knew just how much they pleasured a man until I seen a guy get hard so fast after exploding so hard. I thought he would be out for days he exploded so hard in the panties, but as mentioned a few minutes later he was ready to pleasure me. Panties are a great way to pleasure your man, but they also bring me pleasure not only by being able to make him explode like no other girl has, but also because my man is happy and he is always willing to pleasure me for making him so happy.

Seeing A Guy In Panties Is A Turn On

Clothing is meant to accent the body, and unfortunately when it comes to clothing manufactures they sort of forgot about making anything that accents a mans body. Men have curves and of course parts that extrude from there bodies in which us ladies love. Panties and lingerie come in so many colors, styles, fabrics and they are meant to cling to your body, they make you look sexy and accent your body, whether you are man or woman. Guys tend to have muscular legs and muscular butts, and seeing a guy in a sexy pair of panties and seeing his muscular legs and butt is such a turn on, mens underwear just does not accent a mans features. Also part of seeing a man in panties is seeing him wearing something that fits him so different, that really accents and shows off his body, plus the fact that its meant for us woman is really naughty and thats part of the turn on as well. I love a guy that is playful and loves to turn me on, seeing a guy wearing panties turns me on, puts me also in a playful mood and be more sexual.

Seeing Husband In Panties Turns Me On

My husband wears panties and I have no problem with it, as many have said mens underwear is boring. I love going shopping for new panties with my husband, love seeing him get all turned on as I pick up panties and ask him if he likes these or not. I see nothing wrong with guys wearing panties, more woman need to chill out and realize its not something to freak out about, its just clothing and it does not change the man you are with, don't jump to conclusions before having a conversation as to why your boyfriend wears panties, or your husband wears panties. I love seeing my husband in panties, he looks so good, its something that turns me on and if other women saw there man in panties I bet many of you would be turned on also, seeing a nice bulge in a tight pair of panties waiting to pleasure you.

Women That Like Men Wearing Panties

I totally agree there are lots more women that like guys wearing panties then one thinks. I am a woman who likes men wearing panties, just something about them wearing something a less masculine and showing that they can and still be confident and manly. I love when they wear pink or red, and sheer panties are the best, you can see there dick nestled up against the fabric. There are more woman who like guys wearing panties but many are afraid to admit it. Many woman have a hard time expressing such things, if they learned to be more open they would find more pleasure in life. It can be hard for man or woman to express things that turn them on especially when they are not part of the norm, but what is part of the norm now days and who says what is part of the norm or makes the rules of what is part of the norm. All of us men and woman like different things, thats what makes us unique and thats also what makes others attracted to us.

Woman That Likes Men Wearing Panties

I am a woman that likes men wearing panties, up until a few years ago I had never even thought about it and then one day I saw some pictures of a guy wearing panties and I was so turned on. It surprised me just how turned on I got and I started looking at more pictures of men wearing panties and it got me so horny. I have yet to ask my boyfriend to wear some panties, not sure if he would be into it or not, would love to see him wearing some panties, his mens underwear just does nothing for me, they are so boring.

My Boyfriend Loves Wearing My Panties

My boyfriend loves wearing my panties, and I think he looks so hot in them. We both enjoy lounging around in our panties at night and on weekends and have even sat outside in just our panties. Usually we end up having sex as seeing each other in panties gets us so turned on.

Wife Got Me Into Wearing Panties

When I got married I only wore boxers. Over time my wife's influence has changed that. I went from boxers to boxer briefs, to womens panties and womens thongs. My wife finds it hot to see me wearing panties or thongs. It was actually my wifes idea for me to wear womens panties. Not only do womens panties look better on me, women's undies are made of better material then men's and if you have never worn them you have to try them, you will be so excited when you feel how they fit and feel.

Girl Who Likes Guys Wearing Panties

I'm a girl who likes guys wearing panties, specifically seeing my boyfriend wearing womans thongs. I persuaded my boyfriend to get rid of his boxers and only wear thong or bikini panties, I love how my boyfriend looks in panties. His male underwear never really turned me on, but when I see him wearing panties, I get so horny.

Asked Me To Wear Her Panties

I got into wearing girls underwear with my first girlfriend. She asked if I would wear her panties when we were not together. Ever since then all my girlfriends I have worn there panties when we were not together. The first girlfriend was the only one to ask me to wear her panties the rest of them I brought up the idea to them and all were more than willing to hand me over there panties to wear while we were not together. None of them had a problem with me wearing panties and they all enjoyed seeing me wearing there panties, made them feel good to see me wanting to be closer to them.

Wearing My Panties

I must admit I had a boyfriend once and I talked him into wearing a pair of my panties, it was a such a turn on. I sucked him through the panties for a while and then pulled them down just enough so I could get the head in my mouth and then I cupped his balls with my other hand, it felt so good feeling his silky balls pulsating as he exploded in my mouth.

Making Him Wear Panties

I would be turned on and if a guy was over and I caught him going through my panty drawer or laundry hamper. I would be so turned on knowing he was turned on by my panties I would make him wear my panties and might even go as far as to do something naughty with him while he was wearing panties.

Turned On By A Guy Wearing My Panties

I'd get really turned on if a guy wore any of my panties. I caught my boyfriend cumming in a pair of my panties and I was so turned on I pushed him down and jumped on top of him and lifted up my skirt  and pulled my panties to the side and rode him. Since that time I caught him masturbating with my panties  I have gotten him to wear my panties during sex and I have even made him wear them when we went out to the shops one time, it was so hot.

Seeing A Guy Wearing My Panties

I like seeing a guy wearing my panties. I love seeing the bulge stretching against the material. I love how hard a guy gets slipping on my panties and love to suck on him through my panties. Seeing how he leaks cum and gets the front of the panties wet is such a turn on. I love grinding against him while we are both wearing satin panties and how the slippery material slides so easily.

Wife Likes Me To Wear Panties

My wife likes me to wear her panties sometimes when we have sex, it is a great turn on for both of us. I love how her panties feel against me and she loves how they fit on me. Its so erotic to wear something like panties that were meant for a woman, thats part of the thrill for both of us is that I am wearing something that she is meant to wear. They fit so much differently because they were meant for a woman and thats actually a good thing because thats part of why they feel so good is because they fit so much different.

Having Sex In Panties

I had a boyfriend who liked to wear panties during sex and he liked for me to keep my panties on during sex. At first I found it a bit different but eventually I started to really like it. He wore all different styles of panties and I enjoyed seeing him wearing panties and I loved looking over in the mirror and seeing us both wearing panties while we were having sex, it felt so naughty to have my panties pulled to the side and to reach under and feel his balls in panties.

If Underwear Could Talk

If men's underwear could talk, this is what they would say. I'm boring, I am itchy, I'm baggy, I come in only a few colors and styles, I am not flattering, then they would just sit there with there arms crossed with a grumpy look on there face. Now if womens panties could talk, first of all they would never stop talking, but hey thats a good thing. They would say I'm sexy, I'm flattering, I'm soft, slippery, smooth, stretchy, I fit snug to each and every curve, I come in so many colors its almost endless, the styles are so sexy, the fabrics are a joy to wear. Then the panties would continue talking about what a joy they are to wear, walking back and fourth going on and on about how wonderful panties are to wear. Its no wonder men wear panties.

Woman Who Loves Men Wearing Panties

Me and my boyfriend have visited that community all I can say is WOW, looking at all those hardons in panties made me so wet. I loved looking at all the styles you guys enjoy wearing, made me jealous as it looks like many guys have sexier panties than I do. My boyfriend and I enjoy visiting that community often and seeing all the new pictures of guys wearing panties, we even posted some of my boyfriend and I panties together, we also love reading all the stories from others, we have met many friends there and have been able to meet other couples who enjoy wearing panties together which has been nice to be able to talk about that with each other.

Another Girl Who Likes Men Wearing Panties

Oh yes I am another girl who likes men wearing panties. When I found out my boyfriend wore panties I was a bit shocked for a few seconds but it did not take long for me to be totally into it. We had the best sex that day, he wore panties during sex and it was so hot, I loved reaching around and feeling his balls and ass in the panties, now I know why guys like girls to still wear panties during sex, its erotic to see your partner still wearing something so sexy while your having sex. We often shop for panties together or I will surprise him and bring him a new pair of panties. More woman need to relax if they find out there man wears panties, its really nothing to worry about, relax and enjoy it.

Do Women Like Men Wearing Panties YES

Do women like men wearing panties? YES and I am one of those women who like men wearing panties. I love seeing a man wearing panties how his bulge stretches against the the fabric making it so you can perfectly see the outline of his hardon. I love how panties cup a mans butt and balls. Men wearing panties are totally hot to me and I love seeing them in all styles of panties. I love laying down a man wearing panties and caressing his hardon through the panties and making his squirm with pleasure. I love building him up until he is about to explode from me rubbing him through panties and then letting him cool down and then getting him to the point of exploding again, I do this over and over until he cannot take it no more and then watch as he explodes in and through the panties. Whats not to like about a man in panties, it does not change who is he, its just clothing and a man wearing panties looks so hot. I know there are lots more women who like guys in panties out there. Men don't worry us women who like men wearing panties are all over the place.

Woman Who Likes Men Wearing Panties

Mens underwear is boring and I can totally see why guys want to wear panties. Panties on a guy are sexy, I love how they fit a guy so much better than his loose fitting boxers or briefs. I can see why so many men wear panties, I know for me wearing panties makes me feel good not only emotionally but they feel so good next to my skin and I would think that next to mans sensitive area they must feel amazing. Panties are clothing, they do not change the man, I know there are woman who like guys wearing panties out there, and finding this place shows me I am not alone. Many past boyfriends have worn panties and my current boyfriend and soon to be husband wears panties. I love pleasuring him while he is wearing panties. I have seen men make the comment before that panties are like wrapping paper, well as a woman who likes men wearing panties I can tell you that I feel the same way with a man wearing panties, panties make such a nice wrapper around a nice tight butt and nice hard well you know. I love when my boyfriend comes walking in the room only wearing panties, I just cannot help but reach out and touch him through his panties.

Lots Of Girls Like Guys Wearing Panties

My boyfriend wears panties and I like seeing him wearing panties, he just looks so hot standing before me in a pink satin bikini or thong panty. Lots of girls like guys wearing panties, many of my friends have said they like seeing a guy wearing panties, one of them even caught my boyfriend wearing panties and asked me about it. I told her I knew he wore panties and that it turned me on, she admitted that panties looked good on him and that she was going to see if she could get her boyfriend to wear panties. I hear about guys struggling to find a girl into guys wearing panties and I feel bad for them. I am not sure what advice I can give since for me I need to convincing about my boyfriend wearing panties, I immediately was fine with it, it turned me on to see my boyfriend wearing panties. And many of my friends who know my boyfriend wears panties want to get there boyfriend wearing panties.

Panty Wearing Couple

My wife likes me wearing panties, she enjoys when we are out and she can slip her hand down the front of my pants and feel my hardon and the silky panties. She loves being playful like that. We have even went into a dressing room and she pulled down my pants leaving me standing there in panties in front of her. She sucked me through the panties, licking up and down my shaft through the silky material. I loved watching her do this in the mirror, it was so erotic to be able to look over and watch her in the mirror. She made me explode in them and she cleaned it all up and I walked around the rest of the day with damp panties. My wife and I love being playful like that and panties have been such a boost to your playfulness.

Women Into Men Wearing Panties

Its hard to say which women like men wearing panties and which women do not. Some girls like guys wearing panties with no questions asked and other girls who like guys wearing panties will need some time to understand it. There are no certain types of woman who like men wearing panties, you cannot tell which girls like men wearing panties. Women who like men wearing panties come from all backgrounds, ages, parts of the world, etc. Girls who like men wearing panties tend to be more open minded, and here's the thing, you would think naughtier girls would be ok with men wearing panties right, well not exactly sometimes it the quieter girls who have the more kinky and open minded side, so they are the girls who like guys wearing panties more. As said women who like panty wearing guys come from a variety of different ages and personalities. Is finding a women into men wearing panties hard, the answer to that is no although it would seem as if finding women into guys wearing panties is hard its not as hard as one thinks. The woman your with right now might just be ok with you wearing panties but if you do not express to her you may never enjoy being able to wear panties with her. Women tend to shy away from expressing things sexually or what turns them on, making it very tough for guys to figure out. Women can be much more kinkier than men and I don't think many men realize that. To bring a womens kinky side out it takes trust in each other, once you have that the wave of kinky ideas will flow out of her. Point is that many women do enjoy men wearing panties but they do not express it, they have all kinds of ideas about what panties will look good on a man, and can't wait to go panty shopping with there husband or boyfriend.

I Like A Man Wearing Panties

I agree more woman are turned on by men wearing panties than you realize. Men wearing panties turn me on, just seeing them in panties gets me excited. I love when they wear bright colored panties so you know exactly they are wearing womans panties. I think its actually more masculine for a guy to wear panties and be confident about it. Men who wear panties seem to be more honest and open with there feelings and to me that makes for a better boyfriend or husband. I have talked with many other women and many women are curious about men wearing panties and most want to see there boyfriend wearing panties or husband wearing panties. I love how hard a man gets when he slips on panties, and how excited he gets when I touch him through panties.

Women Turned On By Men Wearing Panties

Are there women into men wearing panties, heck yes there are as I am a woman who is totally into guys wearing panties. There is just something about seeing a masculine guy wearing pink panties that turns me on. For him to let his masculine guard down and be playful and put on some panties is very much a turn on for me. Guys wearing panties look so sexy, to seeing them wearing something that barely covers them, and to see there bulge stretching a pair of panties out, its making me wet just thinking about it. I always try and get my boyfriends to put on panties, and I have never been told no and once they put panties on I never have to ask them again they ask me if they can wear panties. More woman need to see that a guy wearing panties is normal, for a man to feel that silky, soft fabric against his hardon, I mean its pretty obvious it feels good against a guys hardon, so whats wrong with letting your man feel good, its just clothing that ads to his pleasure and of course us womans pleasure also. Put your man in panties and you will see he will have ten times the energy, plus they look so hot in panties, its about time guys started to dress for the bedroom instead of just us women, men and women need to both do things to turn each other on and to me there is nothing more sexy than a guy standing before you in a pair of panties showing off his curves and bulge.

Women Turned On By Guys Wearing Panties

I think men wearing panties are HOT. I know there are more women that are turned on by men wearing panties out there. I love seeing a guys bulge and his butt in a nice tight pair of panties, love running my hand over his panty covered butt and over his panty covered bulge. Mens underwear is so boring and its not a turn on to caress and stroke your man through them, where as with panties its such a turn on so see him in those tight panties all excited and ready. As mentioned I know there are more women turned on by guys wearing panties. I think many women are just to shy to admit they like men wearing panties.

Like Seeing Boyfriend Wearing Panties

I love seeing my boyfriend in panties, satin panties are the best as you can see his bulge outlined in that shiny, silky material and they stretch nice and tight around his shaft. I just cannot help but reach out and stroke the outside of his panties up and down his shaft, this drives him crazy and most times makes him orgasm very quickly. I love seeing the material soaked with cum.

Turned On By Guys Wearing Panties

A man wearing panties is a turn on especially since he can't keep everything in it if you know what I mean. I love seeing the head poking out the top of a pair of panties, makes it easier for me to pleasure him while he is still wearing them.

Panty Wearing Couple

I have been wearing panties for the past 10 or so years. My wife has known about me wearing panties for years and she enjoys shopping for new panties together and then coming home and watching me slip into all my new panties and walk in front of her and model all the new panties. She loves spanking me on my panty clad butt as I walk by. We have so much fun with panties, I know if more couples gave it a try they would have more fun in the bedroom.

Wearing Panties With Girlfriend

Me and my girlfriend share panties, we are both the same size, size 7 and we love shopping for panties together. She has always been cool with me wearing panties, we became so much closer after she knew I wore panties, we are like best friends. Being able to wear panties with my girlfriend has taken a tremendous stress off my shoulders, I can enjoy wearing panties and even better enjoy wearing panties with her and the fun we have wearing panties together, it takes wearing panties to a whole new level.

Couple In Panties

I can tell you there are women out there that do not mind men who wear panties as I have dated a woman in the past who loved seeing me wearing panties and I am married to a woman who loves seeing me wearing panties. I have worn panties for a long time and I was always upfront with them, they just said its only clothing no big deal, plus they enjoyed seeing me in it. My wife always wanted a guy to wear hers, it was just something she was curious about seeing, but the men she was with in the past would never do it, so it worked out well for me being a panty man already. I love how playful my wife is and how we can communicate about things that we enjoy, more couples need to be able to talk to each other about what they like.

I Like Guys Wearing Panties

I would totally be fine with a guy wearing panties, many of my friends have made there boyfriends wear there panties, they say its fun and they are turned on by seeing him wearing them. I don't have a boyfriend right now but got to see one of my girlfriends boyfriends in panties, it was really hot.

Girlfriend Asked Me To Wear Panties

My girlfriend was the one that got me into wearing panties, one day she asked me to try on a pair of her panties. I picked them up and slipped them on and was surprised at how excited I got once they were on and I was also surprised at how it effected my girlfriend, she came at me and tackled me on to the bed and we had the best sex. After that day we went shopping for panties which was a major turn on for both of us, we ended up in the dressing room having sex. I have worn panties full time ever since, I love when my girlfriend comes home with new panties for me.

Men Wearing Panties Turn Me On

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a man wearing panties. It simply means he gets turned on by women's panties, (which is one of the purposes for women's panties is to be sexy and a turn on.) Some men want to look at panties, some want to touch panties, and some want to wear panties. I am a woman that likes men wearing panties, I find it to be a huge turn on. There are lots of fetishes out there, and if anyone here claims not to have a fetish, they're lying. We all have things we like and if its not something someone else likes than chances are they are going to think its strange, thats were you get the term narrow minded. Seeing a guy wearing panties makes me so wet and I love hot it turns me on, seeing a guy in mens underwear just does nothing for me, so I appreciate and enjoy when a guy wears panties for me and turns me on. Its like when us women wear sexy lingerie to turn a guy on, and guy wearing panties does the same thing for me, gets me in the mood and gets my juices flowing.

Girl Who Likes Panty Guys

I wouldn't have a problem with a guy wearing panties. Only issue I would have is when a guy wears sexier panties than they do, just kidding! Lots of guys wear women's panties, panties are sexy on both women and men.

Guys Wearing Panties Are HOT

Personally guys who wear panties are very sexy. Many other girls like guys wearing panties and find it erotic and cute. I certainly get turned on when I see a guy wearing panties.

Would Like To Be With A Guy Wearing Panties

There are women who will be open minded about men wearing panties, and there will be women who will be closed minded about men wearing panties. I personally wouldn't be bothered by any man wearing panties, in fact I would love to be with a guy who wore panties.

Wife Knows I Wear Panties

I've been wearing panties since I was 12. Since then I have had several girlfriends, some girlfriends couldn't understand why I wore panties and some totally understood why I wore panties. None of them really had a major problem with me wearing panties some just could not understand why I wore panties while others were really into seeing me wearing panties. I am married now and my wife has no problem with me wearing panties, we have gone shopping for panties together and our relationship is the best. She totally understands why I wear panties, and has never thought anything negative about me wearing panties or worried that I liked guys because I wear panties, she knows me and knows who I am and knows that me wearing panties does not change who I am and who she married. Panties bring me and my wife so much pleasure and have made our relationship so much fun.

I like Men Wearing Panties

I have known many men who wear panties. My ex boyfriend wore panties and I liked it, its to bad our relationship had other issues because the sex was the best and I credit that to him wearing panties and how it turned us both on. It was always fun to go shopping for panties for the both of us.

Husband Wears Panties

My husband wears panties, and I find him really sexy in them and it turns me on to see him wearing panties. They really show off his package and butt, if you know what I mean. Lots of men wear panties, its just clothing so it's really no big deal. If us women can wear men's clothing, then there is no reason men cannot wear womens clothing. If you have never seen your boyfriend wearing panties or your husband wearing panties, be playful and try it.

Guys Wearing Panties Turn Me On

Panties, bikinis and thongs are all designed in such a fashion as to highlight the curves of a female body. However who says they cannot highlight the curves of a man. I have seen guys wearing panties and must say they look hot in panties, it sure does accent and highlight the part that extrudes out from the front.

She Likes Her Men Wearing Panties

My girlfriend got rid of all my male underwear and now wants to take me shopping for panties. She had a previous boyfriend who wore panties and she likes her men in panties she says. I have worn panties a few times before and liked them just never got into wearing them all the time. It surprised me when she talked to me about wearing panties and wanting to take me shopping for panties. I agree that some woman hide what turns them on while others come out and say what turns them on, luckily I am with a woman who is not afraid to let me know what turns her on.

Guys Wearing Panties Are Sexy

I think a guy wearing panties is sexy and hot. I didn't see a man in boxers for over a year since one of my ex boyfriends only wore panties. When I started dating a new guy his boxers did absolutely nothing for me. I like men in panties, call me crazy but I just like how a guy looks in panties. Have to admit that I actually even liked it when my ex boyfriend wore other womans stuff too like lingerie and stockings, he looked so hot.

Couple Wearing Panties

My wife has known all along that I wear panties exclusively and it has never bothered her. She sees them as simply underwear. We go shopping together for new panties, she picks out ones she would like to see me wearing and I pick out ones I would like to see her wearing, its to bad we don't wear the same size it would save us a ton but panties are worth it, they bring me and my wife so much pleasure and keep us happy in our marriage and sex life.

Girlfriend Likes Me Wearing Panties

My girlfriend loves that I wearing panties. We are the best of friends and her knowing that I wear panties has only made us stronger friends. She appreciates that I can talk about things I like and be open and honest with her. I read so many stories about guys wanting to wear panties, but their wives or girlfriends disapprove or they are afraid to bring it up for fear she will disapprove, so these guys always have this weight on there shoulders doing what they enjoy doing. However woman are seeing and reading more and more about men wearing panties and they are becoming more curious about it, this is helping woman to understand it and realize there is nothing to worry about if they find out there man likes wearing panties. Being able to wear panties and enjoy it with your partner is such a wonderful thing and I hope all men wearing panties are able to wear panties with there wife or girlfriend.

Lots Of Men Wear Panties

Most men have tried on panties at some time in their lives, although some won't admit doing it. Seeing as there are millions of men wearing panties, literally there are men from all over the world who enjoy wearing panties and many more each day realize just how good wearing panties feels. For some they have worn panties since growing up and for some they found out later on just how good wearing panties feels.  Its nice to finally see women coming forward and expressing that they have no problem with men wearing panties and enjoy seeing a guy wearing panties.

Guys Get Turned On By Our Panties

I believe that at some point in a guys life they have tried on panties, maybe it was being curious after seeing there mothers panties, sisters panties, friends sisters panties, friends mothers panties, girlfriends panties, wifes panties, etc. Panties are just something that men get turned on by whether its on us, on them or laying on the floor. Us woman need to learn that panties are more sexual than we think, and thats a good thing.

Husband Likes Wearing Panties

I recently discovered that my husband wears panties. I let him indulge in wearing panties since it seems harmless and he does look good in panties. Also I love pleasuring him while he is wearing panties, never heard him orgasm so intense, plus he gets hard ten times faster after he has cum. He was honest with me in why he liked wearing panties and I see no reason to be upset as to why he likes wearing panties, they feel good on me so what would be wrong with them feeling good on him.

My Husband Wears Panties

Mens underwear is so boring and plain. My husband wears panties and has for about 12 years now. Started out with just plain white panties or black panties in cotton but now he wears all different styles, fabrics and colors. He no longer has any male underwear. From the moment he started wearing panties I loved seeing him in panties and how they clung to his body. I like bringing new panties home to surprise him with as long as he puts them on and gives me a tease. My husband wearing panties has added so much excitement to our relationship and has brought us closer together, its nice having a husband who is happy and who is upfront with me.

Never Knew I Liked Guys Wearing Panties

A friend of mine told me her boyfriend wears panties, at first I thought she was joking, but than she started to get into more details about the type he wore, how he looked in them and how he was like the energizer bunny when he pleasured her. I could not get the vision of him in panties out of my head, he is a very well built guy, nice and toned and I could only imagine how he looked with panties clinging to him. I got so wet thinking about it and every time I see him I imagine him wearing panties. She told me about several other times of him wearing panties and how turned on she gets when he does. My friend does not realize I love hearing about her boyfriend wearing panties and I go home thinking about it and masturbate thinking about him wearing panties. I don't have a boyfriend at the time but would love to see a guy in panties and caress his panty covered butt and dick and make him feel good. Its nice to see other woman talking about how they enjoy men wearing panties, I never knew I did until my friend started talking about it.

Like Men Wearing Panties

 I am a women who likes men wearing panties and is so nice to see so many other women who enjoy men wearing panties. I knew I was not the only one who enjoyed men wearing panties. I love looking at pictures of men wearing panties, how there bulges look in all types of panties and how there butt looks. I love when you can see a spot of wetness on the front of the panties, you know just how excited he is when you can see a wet spot, similar to us women when you can see a wet spot you know we have been horny. My boyfriend wears panties and we have met a few other guys into wearing panties in person for some very fun times, I love the attention I get from two men wearing panties. Me and my boyfriend enjoy visiting that community we both enjoy seeing how others look in panties and love reading stories and messages from others. We have met so many friends there and love having a place to talk with others into panties. We get so turned on after visiting that community, its so erotic to see guys wearing panties. We always end up with a wet spot in our panties after looking at pictures and talking with others. I love hearing about how you guys like wearing panties.